Portable Fuel Generator

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$300.00 Rebate per Unit
To get a rebate, please review the Eligibility tab below for complete customer and equipment requirements.
Please review the Qualified Products List for pre-approved models. If your desired model is not on the list, you may submit a rebate application for your model of choice ONLY if it meets the following criteria AND you submit proof (i.e., a specification sheet) along with your application:
  • Must be CARB compliant in California
  • Have an integrated CO sensor
  • Have an integrated CO shut off feature
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One of our last-resort measures to protect against wildfires is a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). To help prepare you and your family for a possible PSPS, SDG&E is offering rebates on qualified purchases of select generators and portable power stations.

A reliable fuel generator will keep your household ready for any power outages, while a portable power station will provide backup power to household electrical devices or small appliances.

All rebate and customer eligibility requirements for past purchases must be met to qualify.
  • Must be a current SDG&E customer residing in a High Fire Threat District (HFTD) Tier 2 or 3 and have experienced one or more Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) since 2019.
  • Please review the Qualified Products list for pre-approved generators.
  • This offer is limited to one fuel generator rebate per household, for purchases of qualified models made in 2023.
  • All rebate applications must be received within 60 days of purchase date, or by January 1, 2024, whichever comes first.
  • The rebate paid will not exceed the purchase price.
  • Rebate application will be deemed ineligible if an instant coupon has been reserved.
  • Refurbished models are not eligible since all eligible generator models must be purchased new and include manufacturer’s warranty. Private party and third-party sales are also not eligible for incentives.
Along with your application, you must provide valid proof in the form of a receipt with:
  • Retailer name
  • Date of purchase
  • Model information of qualified product
  • Retail price
  • Discounts received (if applicable)
  • Purchase price
  • Indication that it has been fully paid


NOTE: This requirement is ONLY if you purchase a model that is NOT listed on the Qualified Product list.
You must also provide a matching specification sheet showing it meets these three requirements:
  • be CARB compliant in California
  • have an integrated CO sensor
  • have an integrated CO shut off feature
If you do not provide proof that the purchased generator meets all of the above requirements, you will not be eligible to receive a rebate on that product.